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My Christmas Wish For You.....
l wish you health and happiness every day of the year,
l wish you peace forever for all yo hold dear,
May you wake to each new day with a smile,
Pleace take a moment to give thanks every once in a while,
Kindness to others as you would like them to be for you,
Contentment within your heart with all that you do,
Patience within your life to carry you through your day,
Understanding towards all in their belief,
Let them have their say,
Ability to look at times, both good as well as bad,
Strength to see more happy days than sad,
Love from deep within your heart,
For love is a gift to share,
Allowance for love to be returned, knowing that so many do care,
My wish for you this Chrismas is much like the last,
Enjoy world, venture forward but never forget your past,
Give thanks for what you have, for you are truly Blessed,
Kindness showed for those that surely have less.................

Merry Christmas to all
and to all a goodnight

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May you keep the Joy of Christmas in your
Heart all through the year.

The above card image
was sent to me
by my Secret Angel from
It is called the Christmas Room