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The Luck of the Irish
Be With You

Green beer
 is also in keeping with wearin' o' the green
(EVERYTHING can wear green, even rivers!),
 by putting green food coloring in the beer,
 but the beer itself is another
 tradition of St. Patrick's Day.
 The Irish are known for their
 love of life and celebration,
usually with music, dancing,
and distilled beverages.

 "Kiss Me I'm Irish"
 is a continuation of that spirit of loving life
and living it to the fullest (that and the fact
 that EVERYONE is Irish on St. patrick's Day).
 It may also be related to the custom of
 kissing the Blarney Stone,
which is reported to give one the gift of,
 well, blarney!

Some Irish Trivia

Britain ranks 2nd in the world behind
Ireland for tea-drinking per year.
The Irish consume an average of
1,390 cups per person each year,
 whereas the average Brit
 consumes 1,113 cups per year.
 The average American drinks
 150 cups per year.

» In Irish pubs,
inexperienced travelers who want to
 order a small beer should know to ask for
"a glass."
 If they request a beer, please”
 in Ireland, they'll get a full pint.

An Irish Toast

May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your
 head be always strong.
And may you be in heaven half an hour
 before the devil knows you're dead.

» In the late 1600s,
Ireland recognized the food value of potatoes
and became the first country in Europe to
 plant potatoes as a staple food crop.
 For about 200 years thereafter,
every factory worker received 12 pounds
 of potatoes every day.
 A typical Irish family ate more than
 250 pounds of potatoes every week.

» Ireland consumes more milk than any
other country in the world.
 Each person drinks over
 164 quarts of milk a year.
 Finland is second in milk consumption
 with 162 quarts consumed a year,
 next is Iceland with 160 quarts,
 then is Norway with 158 quarts,
 and the Ukraine with 141 quarts
 of milk consumed each year.