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September 11, 2001

A direct hit to our Nation,
So many unanswered questions
A true test to all of us
New York is lost, and paralyzed
And it is not over yet
We are vulerable, we are all targets
We were warned,
but did not heed this warning
Watching the collapse of the Towers,
The thousands of people running
200 Brave men and women
who were trying to save lives of those trapped
Now dead at the hands of someone we dont know
A coward, that is sitting so precariously
in their seat laughing at the demise of New York

The fires rage,
Devastation crippling us all
The chaos of the streets
Screams filling the air
Woman and children running to escape the inferno
All forever to be remembered
As we wait, knowing there will be more.....

I am at a loss
I feel so empty
I know that I will never be the same
My prayers are with
 everyone and their families
My friends and family in NYC
 are close to my heart as I write this
I watched the devestation,
I missed it and I am thankful,
 but I will never, ever forget the faces,
the screams, the horror,
as I know you will never
forget the day the Nation stood still

I am here still reaching for a
 light through the blackness,
there are still about 40 some
 state workers amoung the missing,
And while I am thankful that I never
made it there that day,
I am lost that those
I knew were not so lucky.
Please pass this on,
 my candle is lit, has been lit and
will remain lit,
 its the only light I see right now
 and the shoulders of my friends
I am relying heavily upon.
I dont have the way to put or
 do anything with these,
 however the ghost town,
 the rage,
 all can be seen and i think
 that the statement they make
 untouched are worth a thousand words

Thank you.


DeDe is there in NY  and has seen
first hand this horror.
She works not far from the WTC
and  lost co-workers and
A friend of her's took these
DeDe is on a list I am on
Heavens Angels

American Tragedy 

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